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Drake Links Up With Popular Mexican Artists At The Club

Drake Links Up With Popular Mexican Artists At The Club

Drake has been in the headlines a lot recently. Normally, that would probably be a good thing. However, in Drake’s case, he’s probably not so happy about it. The rapper has been involuntarily involved in the new wave of AI music that has begun to saturate social platforms. From funny covers to nonexistent collaborations, AI creators are taking the concept and running with it. Drake isn’t too happy about it either. In fact, he called an AI-generated cover of Ice Spice’s “Munch (Feeling You)” the last straw. It’s not clear where to draw the line when it comes to AI “art.” Some musicians have even given people the go-ahead to use their voices as they choose.

Universal Music Group has called for streaming platforms to take down AI-generated content. It has been criticized by many other artists besides Drake, as well. It raises many issues, from copyright problems to plain old human rights. If any creator is able to use the likeness or voice of an artist with no consequences, what implications does that have? Drake is not the only musician who is worried about it. Sadly, it seems that the problem is only progressing further. More and more websites are cropping up that allow any user to use the voice of a rapper or singer to create a new song. While this is very worrying, it seems the real Drake may be collaborating with some new artists soon.


Is The Real Drake Planning On A New Collab Soon?

It looks like Drake might be collaborating with some Mexican artists in the near future. At least, that is what fans are speculating about after a recent video. The video, which was filmed in a club in Miami, was posted to an Instagram story. It shows Drake partying it up with rapper Chinito Pacas. The Mexican rapper just had his first Billboard 100 charting hit with “El Gordo Trae El Mando.” The video is captioned “taking it to the next level.” While that could simply mean that the two are partying hard together, some think a collaboration is imminent.

“Smart man. Keep connecting with every culture and make dope music,” one comment said in support. “Drake unlocking the bélicon flow,” another user joked. Some, however, were not so supportive of a potential collab. They compared Drake’s behavior to that of 6ix9ine, who recently released several songs that are primarily in Spanish. Of course, 6ix9ine is half Mexican and half Puerto Rican, so it makes sense for him to do so. Whether or not it makes sense for Drake is up to the listeners.

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