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Burna Boy proclaims, “I don’t follow anyone who does Instagram giveaways.”

Burna Boy proclaims, "I don't follow anyone who does Instagram giveaways."

Grammy-winning musician Damini Ogulu, better known by his stage name Burna Boy, has generated a lot of interest on social media with his frank comments against the practice of giving things away online.

The City Boys crooner voiced his doubts about participating in freebies during an Instagram live session with his large following that went viral on Thursday, March 21, 2024. He cited his conviction that these gifts frequently fail to reach those who genuinely need help.

Burna Boy explained his position in response to a fan’s request for a giveaway, saying that he would rather focus his charity endeavors on people and places where it truly counts. The gifted artist highlighted that many of the people who truly benefit from his assistance are not online users, saying, “Me I no dey follow una do Instagram giveaway o, I do giveaway to places that it really matters, to people that really need it and most of them are not on the internet, some of them no even know wetin be Instagram.”

Burna Boy’s remarks have sparked controversy and triggered discussions among fans and followers, prompting reflection on the efficacy and impact of social media-based philanthropy.

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